Calculate your potential cost savings

Enter the count of transports that your lift trucks make every day on average:

The calculation
  1. Your no. of transports per day

  2. Workdays per annum:

  3. No. of scans per transport:

  4. Time needed per barcode scan:
    3 sec

  5. Payroll expenses for a lift truck driver:
    26 €/h

  6. Error rate with scanning barcodes:
    1,5 %

  7. Quality cost:
    25,50 €

Your cost saving potential:

per day
per month
per year

We calculate the potential cost savings based on the following assumptions:

TD: Your transports per day

The count of transports that your lift trucks carry out per day.

WD: Total working days per annum

300, working week Mo. to Sa.

NB: Number of barcode scans

Average count of barcode scans required per transport: 3.

TB: Time per barcode scan

The average time required for a lift truck driver to scan a barcode usually ranges from 2 to 15 seconds: 3 sec.

LC: Labour cost lift truck driver

Total cost per hour, incl. overhead cost: € 26,00.

ER: Error rate with scanning barcodes

Related to the number of transports per year: 1,5 %.

Surveys show that up to 7 % scanning errors occur. The errors cause inaccurate information on the inventory and lead to wrong shipments. The average cost to correct the problems caused by faulty and forgotten barcode scans are considered under the point “Quality cost”.


QC: Quality cost

Average cost to correct an error caused by faulty barcode scanning: € 25,50.

Cost accrue from e.g.

  • searching goods for an order (e.g. € 13,00 for the lift truck driver 30 min.)
  • manual adjusting entries in the IT system (e.g. € 12,50 for shift supervisor 15 Min.)
  • redemption, new shipping, depreciation resulting from wrong shipments
  • punitive damages for delay in delivery

The formula:
(TD x WD x NB x TB x LC / 3600) + (TD x WD x ER x QC) = Cost per annum
(TD x 300 x 3 x 3 x 26 / 3600) + (TD x 300 x 1,5% x 25,50) = Cost per annum