Staplerleitsystem mit Staplerortung und Lagernavigation

3D Inventory Tracking

Locating lift trucks
Warehouse navigation
Automated load identification

Now with Laser localization.
Simply set up and start saving money.

Staplerortung mit Staplerleitsystem identplus

Locating lift trucks

Provides real time data for
improved transport efficiency.

Now with Laser localization.
Direct. No reference points.

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Staplernavigation mit Staplerleitsystem identplus

Navigation support

direct routing
to the correct goods.

Now with Laser localization.
Find any load indoor and ...

Staplerleitsystem für Außenlager

Navigation support

direct routing
to the correct places.


Automatisch identifizieren mit Staplerleitsystem identplus

Identifying load

fully automated,
no scanning, no RFID.

Saving time, avoiding error!

Automatische Bestandskontrolle mit Staplerleitsystem identplus

100% inventory visibility

Automated logging of each
single movement of any load.

... no searching anymore.

The 3D Forklift Management System

Inventory tracking without scanning. Indoor and outdoor.
Benefit from the world’s first laser based localization for manned lift trucks – its maintenance free, NO reference points required.

Improve your lift truck operated warehouse and production logistics with identplus®. No scanning. No searching. No errors. identplus is the unique 3D Forklift Management System that provides 100% visibility of your inventory indoors and out at any time.

identplus is developed by IdentPro. We are pioneer in optical lift truck localization. And we are proud to have developed the world’s first laser based localization for lift trucks which already successfully proofs its performance in day by day work with customers.

IdentPro offers a complete solution including all components as well as a process specific integration with your IT systems. Trust the original.

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Do you provide hardware and software solutions to your customers? Are you knowledgeable in internal logistics processes? Do your customers employ lift trucks? All yes? Then get in touch with us now and start making your customers’ intralogistics more profitable with identplus®.

Staplerleitsystem macht produktiver

Increase Productivity

100% visibility and inventory accuracy is a significant competitive advantage that you can now easily accomplish by tracking your lift trucks. No other forklift management system provides in one solution pinpoint tracking of lift trucks, navigation support for drivers and automated identification of any load – no barcode scanning, no RFID. Your drivers do what you pay them for: moving goods. And by eliminating manual data collection you eliminate bad data, misplaced inventory and mis-ships. All resulting in higher productivity and sustainable cost saving.

identplus integrates with any IT system like SAP®, Infor®, or other. If required the forklift management system identplus can also operate stand-alone.

Pinpoint Localization

Base of the identplus forklift management system is the continuous real time tracking of any lift truck position with ± 10 cm accuracy.

The localization technique operates with a robust and maintenance-free 2D laser that works flawlessly in any light condition in your warehouse, indoor and outdoor.

identplus is suitable for almost any kind of lift truck and independent from the kind of how you are storing goods (block storage, racking, stacking, etc.).

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Warehouse Navigation

The 3D forklift management system guides your drivers to any required pallet or container by intuitional “elastic band navigation” – even to any load placed in aisles. This means there are no more “lost pallets” and searching for goods is history.

When using a warehouse management system (WMS) or similar, identplus allocates any transportation order issued by the WMS to the lift trucks for optimized routing. This eliminates detours and increases loading speed.

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Automated Load Identification

The 3D Forklift Management System makes barcode scanning obsolete. identplus automatically identifies each load exclusively by its unique coordinates X,Y,Z. In order to do so, each new load will be introduced to the system once when first picked up.

Any subsequent movement of that load is automatically logged in a database. Introducing new load depends on the individual process and can be done manually or automatically through e. g. a request to a production system.

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We are Laser. You are faster.


The versatile 3D Forklift Management System for your indoor and outdoor warehouse:

  • Independent from the kind of stocking goods – block storage, racks, piles, etc.
  • Independent from the type of goods – pallets, reels, containers, coils, etc.
  • Identifies goods transported multiple deep, stacked or next to each other
  • Interacts with conveyors and bridge cranes
  • Compatible with almost any lift truck – independent from manufacturers and power source (gas, diesel, electric)
  • For any driver – language selection on vehicle mounted terminal (VMT)

identplus integrates with any IT system like SAP®, Infor®, abas®, etc.



Das 3D Stalerleitsystem mit automatischem Warentracking überzeugt.

forklift management system identplusThe 3D Forklift Management System identplus is a RTLS solution (Real-Time-Locating-System) developed and offered by IdentPro GmbH. IdentPro is proven expert for identification, localization and authentication of objects in industry and logistics..


You’ll Be Satisfied Too

“Since over 100 years Sprick is a leading producer of paper and corrugated board. Our engagement for specific packaging solutions is supported by using state-of-the-art technologies like e.g. the innovative tracking solution of IdentPro for our warehouse logistics. Searching for a specific reel is now history.”

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Sprick-Schütte, Managing Director Sprick GmbH Bielefelder Papier- und Wellpappenwerke & Co.

See how the 3D Forklift Management System works

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The 3D Forklift Management System can be used with forklifts and with clamplifts alike. It is the only lift truck based system on the market that allows for paper reel tracking with automated reel identification by coordinates.

23 Good Reasons To Deploy identplus now

  • Pinpoint localization of lift trucks in any warehouse indoor and outdoor: nerver loose any pallet anymore!
  • Easy to implement: without floor marking, RFID tags or similar artificial reference points!
  • Inventory tracking with +- 10cm accuracy for nearly any kind of goods
  • Automated load identification, no scanning, no RFID!
  • Warning when wrong load is picked or wrong location addressed: forget shipping errrors!
  • Locates goods placed in aisles
  • For lift trucks with forks or clamps (e. g. in the paper industry), brand independent
  • Any load arrangement: multiple deep, stacked, next to each other, etc.
  • Navigation on vehicle mounted terminal (VMT) with individual maps
  • Distance-optimized allocation of transport orders to lift truck fleet
  • Combines with conveyers and bridge cranes
  • Define and monitor warehouse areas like e. g. quarantine stores, one way routes, etc.
  • Supports optional mobile weighing equipment (e.g. Ravas)
  • Language selector on VMT
  • Integrates with any IT system (SAP® EWM, Infor®, etc.)
  • Customiziation to your specific process requirements (business rules)
  • Stand-alone operation possible
  • Robust system using maintenance-free hardware
  • Reports on individual lift truck utilization to use for real usage based lift truck maintenance and dedicated fleet tailoring
  • Full service: consulting, hardware, software, installation, commissioning, training – all from one source
  • 100% leasing available, to maintain your investment flexibility
  • Quick Return on Invest (ROI)
  • Live demonstration at IdentPro Technikum near Cologne or with a customer

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