Error-free operation integrated

With CARI, the autonomous identplus® lift truck (AGV, driverless transport vehicle), you avoid the two fundamental errors in the warehouse from the outset: incorrectly placed pallets and incorrect/forgotten barcode scans.

CARI automatically identifies loading units when they are picked up and reliably delivers them to the correct delivery point (sink). CARI vehicles thus guarantee error-free intralogistics.

CARI stands for Collaborative Autonomous Robot for Intralogistics. CARI AGVs make your intralogistics fit for the future.

20 years of mixed operation

CARI fahrerlose Transportfahrzeuge FTFThe changeover to AGVs will happen gradually. A study by IDTechEx* estimates the share of autonomous forklifts at 70% in the year 2038. Warehouse managers therefore have to optimally manage the combined use of man-operated lift trucks and driverless transport vehicles for many years – that’s what CARI, the identplus® AGV, is for.


CARI is part of the identplus® solution world

identplus® stands for automatic material tracking. CARI AGVs (driverless transport vehicles) use all identplus® technologies that ensure error-free intralogistics even when manned forklifts are used:

  • Laser localization based on natural environmental characteristics
  • Automatic load identification by means of coordinates
  • Real-time transport optimizer.

This makes CARI AGVs the ideal co-workers for joint use with conventional forklifts. Loads are directly exchanged scan-free between both vehicle types and thus all information is seamlessly transferred. This is digital mixed operation for industry 4.0.

identplus® delivers the most important information:
the knowledge of the position of EVERY pallet at ANY time.


CARI – the unique AGV

With these important unique selling points, autonomous identplus® forklifts are at the same time a perfect complement and, for many tasks, a fully-fledged replacement for man-operated forklifts:

  • Autonomous, independent navigation, without artificial markings
  • Continuous pallet tracking with automatic identification
  • Integrated into the superior identplus® traffic and order management.

In daily use, autonomous identplus® forklifts (AGVs) stand out particularly with these advantages:

  • Pallet pick-up independent of their orientation
  • Approach of any sinks (delivery positions)
  • Scan-free, bi-directional load exchange with man-operated forklifts
  • 100% performance transparency.

With CARI driverless transport vehicles (AGVs) and identplus® you benefit at the same time from the security of an automatic warehouse and from the advantages of a flexible infrastructure. And all this at a fraction of the cost of an automatic warehouse.

Dimensions (LxWxH)1,970 x 800 x 2,037 mm
Max. Load capacity1,000 kg, optional: 2,000 kg
Lifting height1,500 mm
Max. Speed1.0 m/s (3.6 km/h)
Localization2D identplus-LIDAR, autonomous


CARI – simply becoming autonomous

Now is the right time for deploying driverless transport vehicles (AGV). Start with one vehicle and easily increase your CARI fleet as needed. The first step: Just contact us via the form below or call us at +49 2241 866 392 0.



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* IDTechEx Research / Mobile Robots and Drones in Material Handling and Logistics 2018-2038, 13-09-2017 – Forklifts will never be the same? Link (in German).