The 3D inventory tracking system identplus®

Problem solver

Two fundamental errors are the root of all common problems in a warehouse:

  • incorrectly placed pallets
  • false/forgotten bar code scans.

Exactly these errors are eliminated by the 3D Inventory Tracking System identplus®:

  • Delivery positions (put-down) are checked automatically and forklift drivers are informed immediately in case of deviations from a transport order.
  • Goods are automatically identified at pick-up, barcode scanning is obsolete.

With identplus® you have full control over your forklift operations, including detailed performance data, and your stock.

identplus® delivers the most important information:
the knowledge of the position of EVERY pallet at ANY time.


Find it. Navigate to it. Identify it.

No scanning. No RFID. With the world’s first laser based localization for manned lift trucks. identplus® is the intelligent forklift management system that unites lift truck localization, warehouse navigation and automated load identification in one powerful solution. Thus identplus® provides the decisive added value compared to usual forklift management systems.  


The 3D Inventory Tracking System identplus® offers more value:

  • Automated locating of lift trucks and goods continuously in halls and outdoor warehouses by means of laser technology
  • Automated identifying of goods
  • Audit-proof history of all goods movements
  • Detailed statistics on the fleet usage.

Your exclusive advantages with identplus®:

  • No barcode scanning, no need for RFID tags
  • Direct navigating to each load requested with direct pickup, scan-free
  • Automated location monitoring to avoid wrong shipments
  • 100% visibility on actual stock at any time.
  • Works “stand-alone” and together with any IT system like SAP, etc.

IdentPro is pioneer in optical lift truck localization. And we are proud to have developed the world’s first laser based localization for lift trucks that uses elements of the natural surroundings to locate without the need for artificial reference points.

This renders an additional advantage for you: Locating lift trucks with laser is maintenance-free. IdentPro offers a complete solution including all components as well as a process specific integration with your IT systems.

The 3D Inventory Tracking System identplus® can be employed in nearly any kind of warehouse and can be retrofitted to almost any lift truck. Choose the proven solution.

Lift Truck Localization – Just Have It Under Control

Staplerortung mit Laser: Das 3D Staplerleitsystem identplus®

The continuous, precise and repeatable localization of all lift trucks with an accuracy of ±10 cm is fundamental for the 3D Inventory Tracking System. A 2D laser that is by standard mounted on the roof of a lift truck is used for this.

The laser works independent from ambient light and weather conditions. Laser beams are emitted in an angle of 190°. From the beams reflected the contour of the actual surrounding is determined and used to calculate a lift truck’s position (x,y), angle and speed within an area.

When commissioning the system a digital laser map of the tracking area is created. Any changes within the surrounding caused by e. g. varying stocking levels in block storages, open or closed dock doors or other vehicles passing by are automatically considered when calculating a lift truck’s position (x,y). The digital laser map on each vehicle is automatically updated.

A real-time visualization on a map of your warehouse lets you control the location and status of every lift truck. The overall view is accessible via modern browsers. All routes your lift trucks travel are stored.  

Warehouse Navigation – Just Find Everything

Nie mehr Suchen mit dem 3D Staplerleitsystem identplus® The 3D Inventory Tracking System identplus® guides your drivers directly to any load requested. Even when that load is placed in an aisle. Thus lost pallets and searching adventures are a matter of the past. The navigation support helps also contract workers be productive much faster.

For every transportation order identplus® monitors the correct order performance automatically in the background: Does the driver approach the correct location e.g. dock door or production machine.

The system generates a warning message on the vehicle mounted terminal should a driver make a mistake. Thus wrong shipments are avoided. Your customers are happy and your production stays up and running.  

Automated Load Identification – Just Avoid Error

Based on pin-point lift truck position data (x,y) the 3D Inventory Tracking System identplus® determines the actual x,y,z-coordinate for each good (load) placed within your warehouse.

The x,y,z-coordinate is used to automatically identify any load picked up by a lift truck – without scanning barcodes or using RFID tags. The x,y,z-coordinates replace barcodes or RFID tags effectively.

And this is how it works: Every new load needs to be introduced to the identplus® system. This can happen automatically at a handover point of a conveyor or manually by a onetime scanning of a barcode when unloading a lorry. By this identplus® knows the identity (ID) of the load on the forks or in the clamps.

Always, when a known load is dropped off the actual lift truck position (x,y) and mast height (z, determined by a sensor) plus the load’s ID are linked and that data package is stored in the central identplus® database. This happens automatically every time known load is moved.

When a load is picked up a query is automatically sent to the identplus® database in order to retrieve the load ID that was previously saved for the current lift truck position (x,y) and mast height (z). Thus the load is automatically identified. A sensor is used to detect a pick-up event.  

100% Stock Visibility – Just Relax

Papierrollen tracken ohne scannen, jetzt mit 3D Staplerleitsystem identplus Using the identplus® 3D Inventory Tracking System you will always exactly know what you actually really have in stock and where it is located.

identplus® tracks and saves every single moving of pallets, wire mesh crates or other types of loads precisely down to the single storage bin.

The accuracy of the information is as good as if you had undertaken a physical inventory. The digital and the real world coincide at any time. Checking stock “in-between” becomes redundant. Take advantage of this security and reduce your safety stock for less fixed cost.  

Digitized and Automatized – Just Be Industry 4.0

Bereit für Industrie 4.0: Digitalisierung mit 3D Staplerleitsystem identplus®The 3D Inventory Tracking System identplus® opens the door to the digital era. It enables your lift truck fleet for operating in fully connected and integrated processes.

A “Smart Factory” calls for digitized and automated data handling along the flow of material. With identplus® manual data capture and paper based activities with regards to moving goods are history.

The 3D Inventory Tracking System communicates fully automated with other IT systems. Be smart, be identplus®.  


20% More Productivity – Just Do More

Die Staplernutzung wird 100% transparent mit dem 3D Staplerleitsystem identplus The 3D Inventory Tracking System identplus® has a powerful optimization engine integrated. Transportation orders coming from a WMS or other superordinate IT system are allocated to lift trucks in an optimized manner.

The algorithms use distances, priorities and other factors important to you. This helps minimizing lift trucks traveling unloaded. The lack of wasting time for searching and scanning further speeds up the material flow.

identplus® users report on productivity increases of 20%+. This lets you reduce a fleet of 20 lift trucks by 4 units and 12 drivers in a three shift operation. Alternatively, you manage your business growth with existing resources.  

Exploit your operating data – Just be in the know

identplus staplerleitsystem bewegungshistorie The 3D Inventory Tracking System identplus® records every single movement of all lift trucks plus all sensor data. Analyze traveling routes as well as usage of your lift truck fleet.

Schedule maintenance on the basis of documented usage rather than X operating hours. Use the data to adapt your lift truck fleet to the real world requirements.

In case of damage find out which vehicle was involved. Develop motivation schemes and plans for your lift truck drivers to gain even more productivity.

Big data holds big money: Turn your warehouse data into real savings with the help of the 3D Inventory Tracking System identplus®.  

ROI in 12 to 24 Months – Just Save Cost

Based on the experience of all projects to date the investment in the 3D Inventory Tracking System identplus® pays back pretty speedy. Depending on the starting situation you usually save real money after 12 to 24 months.

Additionally we offer 100% leasing and EaaS, Equipment as a Service – you only pay for the use, without having to submit an internal investment application.

When you currently operate four or more lift trucks or have from around 500 load movements per day you should contact us and go for the 3D Inventory Tracking System identplus®.

We are looking forward to discussing with you the individual requirements of your intralogistics.



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