identplus® Forklift Control System and AGV

The identplus® solution world.
For error-free, digitized intralogistics with lift trucks and AGVs.

The perfect traffic and order management for intralogistics 4.0.

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Fit for the future

The future will be a mixed operation: the number of forklift drivers is decreasing and that of AGVs is increasing. Using the identplus® traffic and order management and autonomous identplus® forklifts, you will get the optimum performance with your fleet. Via a standard interface, you can integrate third-party AGVs.

Digitized process

Autonomously networking processes (keyword Smart Factory) require error-free data in real time. With identplus® the data flow is automatically linked to the material flow, even when using manned and autonomous forklifts (AGVs) in mixed operation. Suitable for any WMS or similar. Say goodbye to paper.

All flexibility

Your warehouse layout has changed? You want to use autonomous forklifts (AGVs)? identplus® solutions adapt to your requirements at any time. With infrastructure-free, “natural” laser localization and true autonomous AGV navigation.

identplus® delivers the most important:
the knowledge of the position of EVERY pallet at ANY time