A world first: the lift truck management system identplus® uses a robust 2D laser mounted on the roof of each lift truck for continuously tracking lift trucks without the need for artificial reference points like floor markers or RFID tags in the flooring.

From the reflected laser beams the system calculates the position (x,y), the angle (phi) and the direction of traveling for a lift truck. The actual speed is obtained from the distance/time ratio. Laser localization works continuously indoors and out, is maintenance-free and free from environmental impacts like light and weather. Goods may be stored in almost any manner required.

The system components can be retrofitted with nearly any lift truck and even bridge cranes. The brand independency provides highest flexibility and great protection of the investment.

Laser localization is available in three different levels of repetitive accuracy: Premium Precision (±10cm), High Precision (±40cm) and Classic Precision (±300cm). Upgrading to a higher level is possible.

Please choose the precision level you need:

Premium High Classic

Are you already using a different locating technology for lift trucks? Switch over now to the new industry standard. Ask for our competitive conditions.